M.A. Degree Admission Requirements


Admission requirements are set forth in the General Regulations governing the Degree of Master of Arts. To be considered for admission an applicant shall hold a Bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, in Religious Studies from an institution recognized by the Senate of Memorial University. Applicants should have completed a minimum of 45 credit hours in Religious Studies courses at the undergraduate level with at least a grade of B in each. Moreover, as admission is limited and competitive, preference will normally be given to applicants who hold an Honours degree in Religious Studies.

An applicant who does not hold an Honours degree or its equivalent shall be required to complete such additional undergraduate courses as the Department may deem necessary. These courses may be required as prerequisites to admission to the program, or as an additional constituent part, at the discretion of the Department. An applicant's overall undergraduate program must represent, to the satisfaction of the Department, a solid groundwork for graduate studies.

Anyone interested in our graduate program should also read about our faculty and visit Memorial University's School of Graduate Studies. Memorial University also offers the option of applying through a Web Application

The Program

Upon acceptance into the program, each candidate will be assigned a supervisor. The Master of Arts program takes one or two years, depending on whether students are admitted to the course- or thesis-based program. A student accepted on a part-time basis would normally be expected to take two to five years to complete the program. 

The Courses

Students are typically required to complete the four courses listed below:

  • RS 6100: Methods and Theories in Religious Studies
  • RS 6110: Thesis Writing
  • RS 6120: Studies in Religious Texts
  • RS 6130: Studies in Religious Contexts

The Thesis and Essay

Before students begin writing their essay or thesis, they must submit a thesis proposal (PDF)to the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department for approval. Students may write a thesis in a number of areas. See our graduate pamphlet (PDF) for some options. 

Students will be required to satisfy the Department as to proficiency in any language or technical facility deemed necessary by the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department for successful completion of the thesis.

Further Information

If you are interested in further detail about the Master of Arts degree, please contact the Department. For more information about the Master of Arts degree program, see the Memorial University Calendar for this current year, as made available by the Registrar's Office.