Doctoral Thesis and Oral Defense



Kathy Keating (Brent Snook, supervisor). "The Effect of the Mental Illness Label and Characteristics of Persons with Mental Illness on Police Officer Attitudes and Behavioral Responses"

Stephanie Hancock (Virginia Grant, supervisor). “Stress and the development of disordered eating in rats” – Passed with distinction.

Alissa Setliff (Mary Courage, supervisor). “A longitudinal study of the impact of background television on 6- and 12-month-old infants’ attention during play”



Patrick Abgrall (Jon Lien & Dave Schneider, supervisors). “Defining critical habitat for large whales in Newfoundland and Labrador waters – Design and assessment of a step-by-step protocol”




Doctoral Comprehensive Exam



Lynn Frizzell (Mary Courage, supervisor). “Exploring the role of parental feeding practices in the development of overweight and obesity in infants and young children” – Passed with distinction

Meagan MacKenzie (Peter Mezo, supervisor). “A conceptual framework for understanding self-regulation in adults”


Su Xiao (Michael Rabinowitz, supervisor). “Implicit memory: From birth to maturity”



Alejandro Buren (William Montevecchi & Mariano Alonso-Koen, supervisors). “What are the factors driving genotypic and phenotypic change in fish populations with emphasis on anthropogenic influences?” – Passed with distinction


Craig Knickle (George Rose, supervisor). Discuss the non-lethal effects of predators on the behaviour of fish”

Amy-Lee Kouwenberg (Anne Storey and Mark Hipfner, supervisors). "Is stress adaptive and what can it tell us about fitness" - Passed with distinction

Laura McFarlane Tranquilla (Bill Montevecchi, supervisor) "What factors and changes in those factors influence the migration and seasonal movement of marine animals and what impact do migratory decisions have on survival and reproduction?"