Task Force Members

Working for you on the Well-being Task Force:

Dr. Greg Radu, Associate Dean, Office of Learner Well-Being and Success, Lead
Dr. Ann Dorward, Assistant Dean, Research & Graduate Studies
Dr. Tracey Bridger, Assistant DeanFaculty Wellness, Equity and Professionalism 
Dr. Teri Stuckless, UCL (Career Planning and Well-being)
Dr. Erin Powell, Residency Program Well-being Lead, Internal Medicine
Dr. Ainsley Decker, Residency Program Well-being Lead, Anesthesia
Ms. Tracey Pittman, Academic Affairs Manager
Ms. Gerona McGrath, Education Specialist
Ms. Janet Norman, Human Resources Manager
Ms. Michelle Osmond, Communications Specialist
Ms. Jill Purcell, Office of Learner Well-Being and Success Coordinator
Ms. Kelly Penton, Wellness Team Co-chair