SP Info for Weather-Related Cancellations

Living and working in Newfoundland means that sometimes, things close because of severe weather - and the CLSC is no exception!

In general, if MUN is closed, then all CLSC activities - including those involving Standardized Patients - are cancelled.

What if MUN is closed for part of the day?
When MUN re-opens, then our activities resume. This means that if MUN is closed for the morning but reopens in the afternoon, then SP activites resume and all SPs booked will be expected to attend.

How can I know if MUN is open or closed?
There are a few ways to find out:
1. Check MUN's homepage. This info is usually posted under the 'Announcements' tab.
2. Check our Facebook page. We will update it with closures and re-openings as we hear of them.
3. Call the university at 864-3700 for an update.
4. Listen to the radio - VOCM and CBC seem to provide the most up-to-date info

MUN is open, but the roads in my area are blocked. What should I do?
Safety is important to us! If you feel you can't safely travel to your SP activity, please contact your SP Educator as soon as possible to let them know.

Any other questions about our weather-related policies? Please contact us!