Military Medical Training Program


Our Commitment to Military Medical Training

The Military Medical Training Program (MMTP) is available only to currently serving Regular Force members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who are eligible to apply for the MMTP and who have been in active service for at least 12 months prior to applying to medical school.
The Canadian Armed Forces will fund a maximum of four supernumerary seats at Memorial University through the MMTP each year.


Applicants applying through the MMTP must meet the same minimum admission requirements and standards as those applying through our domestic application stream. There is no minimum GPA requirement or MCAT score required; however, applicants must demonstrate an ability to succeed academically and be competitive when reviewed holistically.

Applicants who intend to apply for the MMTP must:

  • consent to have verification of their application with the Canadian Armed Forces;
  • be eligible and approved to receive funding of their medical school tuition by the Canadian Armed Forces. Applicants who are not approved for funding by the Canadian Armed Forces will be considered within the general application process according to their permanent province of residence.
  • ensure that all relevant documentation is submitted by the application deadline.

MMTP applicants accepted into a supernumerary seat will not pay their tuition or their initial deposit; rather, the university will submit an invoice directly to DND for tuition, including the initial deposit, for payment.
All military candidates wishing to apply to medical schools under MMTP sponsorship must inform the Director General Military Careers DMCPG 5-2 by email at the same time of their application to the medical schools.
If you are a currently serving Regular Force member of the CAF and are interested in this stream, contact Ms. Tina D. Lipcsey at  for details and eligibility.

Additional Information

For information about completing your undergraduate medical education at Memorial on an MMTP seat, please contact

For information regarding Medical Officer recruitment/roles/responsibilities and prospective military service in Health Services, please contact