Policy Framework

​Policy Analyst Responsibilities

The Policy Analyst is responsible for overseeing all aspects of policy development and revision within the Faculty of Medicine. This includes carrying out appropriate consultations, evaluating the implications of the policy, and seeking legal advice where appropriate. The Policy Analyst is also responsible for maintaining a policy portfolio and a directory of approved policies, ensuring that approved policies are available on the Faculty’s main policy website, identifying policy gaps, and tracking review schedules.

Organization of Policy Approval

The following bodies are responsible for policy approval within the Faculty of Medicine:

  1. Undergraduate Medical Studies Committee (UGMS) for undergraduate policies and procedures;
  2. Postgraduate Medical Education Committee (PGME) for postgraduate policies and procedures;
  3. Graduate Studies Advisory Committee (GSAC) for FoM graduate studies policies and procedures;  Graduate Studies is also governed by the policies and procedures established by Memorial’s School of Graduate Studies.
  4. Professional Development Council (PDC) for Office of Professional Development (OPD) policies and procedures;
  5. Senior Management Committee (SMC) and/or the Dean of Medicine for faculty-wide policies and procedures.
  • Changes to FoM regulations must be approved by Faculty Council.
  • At the discretion of the appropriate committee and the Dean of Medicine, certain policies and procedures may be reviewed by SMC.
  • Policies are brought to Faculty Council for information purposes.

Please review the Policy Framework for detail information regarding the processes in place for the development, approval, and administration of Faculty of Medicine Policies, Procedures, and guidelines.

Policy Development Committee Terms of Reference