Policy Content

Policy Title
Name assigned reflecting the purpose and scope of the policy.

The guiding principle or philosophy behind the policy.

A summary of important content points in policy.

List and meanings of any uncommon terms.

The individuals or groups (or locations) affected by and/or expected to comply with the policy. Exceptions may be stated, for clarity and completeness. May include references to any related legislation if not specified in Scope.

Policy (Body)
A formally approved statement of the Program/Unit's position on issues which have Program/Unit-wide application; ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Articulates the method (including roles and responsibilities) by which the Program/Unit will carry out the policy.

Included in rare cases where there are serious and potentially legal implications for not complying with the Policy.

*Note: All data items are required except those items denoted by an * in which case they are dependent on the policy; if they are not required they should be deleted from the Policy template.