Memorial website 2016

Why are we changing


Here's the three top reasons:

  1. We needed to have a more logical main site, focused on our key audiences
  2. We needed our site to work very well on a phone, given the increasing usage of mobile phones, particularly in the 18-25 demographic
  3. We wanted to make a main page that is easy to update and maintain, to evolve incrementally with new features


 Besides a mobile-first design, here are some of the features of the site:

  • New main page content automatically updated from Gazette and other feeder pages
  • New masthead – top links streamlined and focused on audiences and core needs of EXTERNAL users 
  • Make login services clearer - one button all services
  • Thumb friendly design
  • Responsive /mobile content handling- pages appear differently on multiple devices (phone, ipad)
  • More logical navigation
  • Improved search handling- more than 50% of users search, we have made our search customizable and phone friendly
  • New easy to use programs page Programs


Coming soon, this design and a standard template will be rolled out to all departmental units, with key "advancement" (external-facing)  units first, then all remaining Memorial units will be migrated in a "boarding groups" fashion, some will be launched in tandem with the implementation of the new content management system (CMS).

Generally speaking, this standard template is aimed to ensure:

  • A more consistent look is better for users
  • More consistent widgets (news, social media, events)
  • Clearer navigation
  • Better use of white space to accommodate content and mobile usage
  • A design that can be changed incrementally- new features will be continually added
  • Units can change the layout and widgets on their pages easily and continually improve their pages
To summarize, a standard template approach, CMS tool, process and an evolution path for all external facing web pages will mean that staff time is spent developing compelling content, rather than worrying about the tool or the layout.

Steps taken so far on this project:

  • Comparator university sites reviewed
  • Design was created by Marcomm committee of subject matter experts
  • Google analytics reviewed
  • Content creation for ‘hub’ pages
  • Advancement groups review, and creation of three pilot sites
  • Usability testing of five key audiences (20 participants) - a full test plan and results of the testing is available to review
  • Testing on phone, ipad and, desktop
  • Multiple rounds of design, programming and content changes
  • Feedback from university leaders
  • Programming of custom pages like search, programs, Become
  • Launch
  • Feedback- Now's your chance - what do you think?

Please let us know if you have feedback, good or bad, or notice anything amiss.

Thanks for your patience with this important project, we've only just begun!

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