Jianghua Wu, B.Sc. (Nanjing University), M.Sc. (Nanjing University), GIS Graduate Certificate (University of Southern California) Ph.D. (McGill)

Professor – Sustainable Resource Management

Phone: (709) 639-2735

Email: jianghuaw@mun.ca

Office: AS2022



Dr. Wu is a Full Professor in the program of Environment and Sustainability at the School of Science and the Environment, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. Dr. Wu is also an affiliated faculty member of Ph.D. and M.Sc. Program in Boreal Ecosystem and Agricultural Science (BEAS), Interdisciplinary M.Sc. and Ph.D. program in Environmental Science, and Ph.D. program in Transdisciplinary Sustainability. His general research interests are environmental modelling, terrestrial and aquatic biogeochemical cycling, ecosystem ecology, climatic and environmental change, spatial hydrology and geographic information science.  More specifically, his research focuses on how climate change and human/natural disturbances influence the hydrological and biogeochemical processes (especially carbon, nitrogen cycling and greenhouse gas emissions), of boreal peatlands, forests and agriculture. Dr. Wu's research, focusing primarily on the biogeochemistry of ecosystem dynamics, is motivated by the need of policy-relevant science for the practical application to mitigation but more, given the current state of the climate situation, to adaptation, as the particular ecosystems he has focused on, northern peatlands, have been identified by the Global Carbon Project as one of the potential 'carbon bombs' – i.e. they become a large positive feedback due to their very large store of organic carbon and their role in the global methane cycle. Dr. Wu's present projects are to examine how climate change and human disturbances (such as drainage, peat mining, and restoration) affects the greenhouse gas emissions from boreal peatlands, and how different management scenarios affect greenhouse gas emissions in boreal agriculture. His research program is involved in both modelling and empirical observation and field measurements.



  • Terrestrial Biogeochemical Cycle Processes and Modeling in Boreal Peatlands
  • Boreal Ecosystem Ecology and Micrometeorology
  • Global Climate (Environmental) Change
  • Climate-Ecosystem interaction (focusing on boreal ecosystems)
  • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science (GIS)
  • Hydrology (Spatial Hydrology, Hydrological Modeling)


Current Research and Projects

  • Carbon cycling and greenhouse gas emissions in northern peatlands under climate change (Funded by NSERC-DG)
  • Develop and evaluate site-scale models to evaluate C stock change in response to climate change, development and restoration (As a sub-project of Can-Peat research network) (Funded by ECCC)
  • Monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from potato farming in western Newfoundland with different managements (As a sub-project of NL-Living Lab project) (Funded by AAFC)
  • Modeling carbon storage for NL’s provincially significant peatlands (As a sub-project of Making NL count: Employing OECM designation and wetland carbon modeling to identify new avenues for protecting ecologically and culturally significant spaces in Newfoundland and Labrador (co-Funded by ECCC and Mitacs)
  • Modeling the Effects of Climate Change on the Catchment Hydrology and storm water for the Area of Deer Lake, NL (Funded by Mitacs)
  • Examining the impacts of human disturbances and climate change on carbon cycling and water quality of boreal ecosystem (Funded by Humber River Basin Project)
  • Impacts of agricultural drainage and climate change on greenhouse gas emissions from northern peatlands (co-funded by CFI, RDC and NSERC)
  • The ecosystem functions of greenhouse gas emissions in boreal peatlands under the pressure of climate change: manipulative field experiment (Funded by NSERC)
  • Sustainable livelihoods of the impact assessment of the PFES program in Vietnam (Funded by Grenfell VP Research Fund)


Student Opportunities

Dr. Wu’s research program welcomes self-motivated and dedicated graduate students (M.Sc., Ph.D.) to join his team, in particular in the field of hydrology, carbon cycling and greenhouse gas emissions in boreal peatlands. Please contact Dr. Wu at jianghuaw@mun.ca to discuss more details.


Recent Publications (Since 2018)  

(# Visiting Scholar, Post-doc research fellow, M.Sc./Ph.D. student under Dr. Wu’s supervision.)

  • Zhang, Y., Xu, Y., Wu, J., Zhou, Y., Xu, S., Feng, Z. 2024. Better estimation of evapotranspiration and transpiration using an improved modified Priestly-Taylor model based on a new parameter of leaf senescence in a rice field. Science of the Total Environment, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2024.171842, 927(2024):171824.
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