Chad. W. Cuss, PhD, Analytical Nanogeochemistry and Applied Chemometrics (Trent University)

Assistant Professor, Environmental Science (Chemistry)

Phone: (709) 639-2500



Research interests/expertise

Our Laboratory for Environmental and Analytical Nangeochemistry (LEAN) Team is deeply engaged in building the foundation for environmental nanogeochemistry through the development of analytical methods and natural nanoparticle system standards, and characterizing the range of natural nanoparticle systems. As part of building this foundation, we undertake interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of analytical chemistry, chemometrics/data science, complex systems, environmental geochemistry, nanogeochemistry, and separation science. With collaborators in France, Switzerland, the USA, and elsewhere in Canada, we also serve as the hub for the Interlaboratory Collaboration for Analytical Nanogeochemistry (ICAN), undertaking inter-laboratory and multi-method comparisons to standardize and compare the analysis of natural nanoparticle systems using methods such as asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation coupled to ICP-MS, and single-particle ICP-time-of-flight-MS.



Absorbance and Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Data Science and Visualization, Dissolved Organic Matter, Field-Flow Fractionation, ICP-MS, Machine Learning, Multivariate Statistics, Natural Colloids and Nanoparticles, single-particle ICP-MS, Trace Elements.



  • CHEM 1800: Elements of Chemistry 
  • CHEM 1200: General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 1001: General Chemistry II 
  • CHEM 2210: Inorganic Chemistry 
  • CHEM 3211: Environmental Analytical Chemistry II
  • ENVS 4000: Environmental Science Seminar (Environmental Science program)
  • SC 4000: Senior Science Seminar (General Science program)
  • ENVS 4951/4959: Senior undergraduate thesis (Environmental Science program)
  • SC4950: Senior project course (General Science program)
  • TRSU 7001: Foundations of Sustainability and Sustainability Science
  • BEAS 6057: Soil (bio)geochemistry (graduate course)  


Current research projects and grants (within past 5 years)

  • NSERC Alliance International Catalyst grant (2024–2025): “Catalyzing the environmental nanogeochemistry of climate change”
  • NSERC Discovery grant and ECR supplement (2023–2028): “Building the Foundation for Environmental Nanogeochemistry”
  • Cross-Campus Initiatives Fund (Memorial University, 2021)
  • NSERC Alliance grant (2019–2024): “Geochemistry and associated trace element forms and fluxes in an oil sands treatment landscape”
  • NSERC CRD grant (2017–2021): “Natural trace element forms and dynamics in the Athabasca River” 


Awards and recognitions

  • President’s Gold Medal (Trent)


Memberships and affiliations (past and current)

  • American Geophysical Union
  • Canadian Geophysical Union
  • Canadian Society for Chemistry
  • European Geophysical Union


Honours, graduate and post-graduate supervision (as of Fall 2024)

Primary Supervision:

  • Two Undergraduate Honours theses 
  • Two NSERC USRA award recipients
  • One MSc student
  • One PhD student


  • Five Undergraduate Honours theses 
  • Four MSc theses 
  • Four PhD theses 
  • Three Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates 
  • Eight Scientific Staff/Technicians