Andreas Klinke, MA (University of Stuttgart, Germany), Doctor Degree (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany)

Professor & Director of EPI, Environmental Policy Institute (EPI) - Master of Arts in Environmental Policy


Phone: 709-639-4307


Research interests/expertise

Social science risk research; Risk governance; Global governance; Cosmopolitanism; Philosophy and sociology of uncertainty; Democracy theory and practice.



Environmental policy; Risk assessment and analysis; Global governance.


Representative scholarly contributions

Recent publications:

  • Klinke, A. 2025. A Theory of Uncertainty. Perspectives in Philosophy, Social Sciences, and Risk Research. London and New York: Routledge.
  • Klinke, A. 2022. New Enlightenment Towards Methodological Cosmopolitanism and Cosmopolitan Democracy. In Peter A. Wilderer, et al., eds. Strategies for Sustainability of the Earth System. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 345–372.
  • Klinke, A. 2021. Public Understanding of Risk and Risk Governance. Journal of Risk Research 24 (1), 2–13.
  • Klinke, A., ed. 2021. Special Issue of Risk Analysis “40 Years of Social Sciences in Risk Research Reconsidered”. Vol. 41, No. 3.
  • Klinke, A. and O. Renn. 2021. The Coming of Age of Risk Governance. Risk Analysis 41 (3), 544–557. 
  • Klinke, A., O. Renn and R. Goble. 2021. Prologue: The “Brave New World” of Social Sciences in Interdisciplinary Risk Research. Risk Analysis 41 (3), 407–413.
  • Klinke, A. 2020. Cosmopolitan Governance for Sustainable Global Energy Transformation: Democratic, Participatory-Deliberative, Multilayered. In O. Renn, F. Ulmer and A. Deckert, eds. The Role of Public Participation in Energy Transitions. London: Elsevier, 105-119.

Current research projects and grants

  • SSHRC Insight Grant: methodological Cosmopolitanism.


Awards and recognitions 

  • Member of the Center for International Development and Environmental Research, University of Giessen, Germany (since 2020)
  • Senior Research Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Potsdam, Germany (2017-2018)


Honours, graduate and post-graduate supervision 

  • Several master and PhD supervisions