MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Patrick's Day
Will O'Brien NFLD 1 Tape 9A Track 8
Cape Broyle Audio:
Ballad / love departed

Leach: (speaks) Alright

Female voice: (speaks) Whole song . start all over again now

(speaks): What?

Female voice: Sing it all again

(speaks): Yeah I minds .. start to the first of it

Female voice: Yeah

Ye tender young lovers of Erin come listen a while unto me,
You'll find I'm a poor distressed maiden crying here under a tree,
The heart in my bosom it's wounded the truth unto you I'll explain,
Oh, Jimmy, the flower of this island he left me on Patrick's Day.

When first I beheld this young hero...
...beheld this young hero the hills and the meadows were green,
And every flowering blossom most beautiful there to be seen,
As he sat in a green shady bower his beautiful tunes there did play,
Whilst the blackbirds and thrush joined in concert with him on St. Patrick's Day.

My friends and relations consulted when they found that I were so inclined,
All stories they told me about him to banish him out of my mind,
But all what they say were a folly, every morning and evening I'd stray,
Lamenting the loss of my true lover who left me on St. Patrick's Day.

Now Jimmy the flower of this island your name I will never deny,
The vows and the promise you give me I'll never forget till I die,
... now he's crossed o'er the ocean he left me quite lonely to stray,
I'm in hopes I will meet him in slender once more on St. Patrick's Day.




Text notes: A woman laments that her man has left her and gone away.

Tune notes: A slow performance in "aaba" form.

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