MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Sweet Gertie
Will O'Brien NFLD 1 Tape 9A Track 6
Cape Broyle Audio:
Ballad / lovers separated, parental disapproval

Come all ye gentle muses draw near and lend an ear,
Until I sing for the praise of a comely maiden fair,
Until I sing for the praise of her I'm going to name,
Her skin far fairer than the swan swims on yon pearly stream,

The charms of this comely maid I mean for to revive,
The tear ...

... I mean for to revive,
The stars shone o'er her shoulders broad her eyes like stars did shine,
He gentle waist and carriage neat it so confounded me,
That maid I'm will be the cure if she don't fancy me.

Now me and my father roamed out to take the air,
"Are you going to throw yourself away," my darling son said he,
"To marry a poor servant girl our friends they are too mean,
Oh stay at home my darling son along with Marilyn."

"No father cruel father don't part me from my dear,
I would not part my darling girl for ten thousand pounds a year,
If I were purser to King George's crown I would make her my queen,
And high renown I'd wear the crown for the maid of Sweet Gertie."

Twas early the next morning a horse he did prepare,
He took my darling far far away a place I knew not where,
I may go view my darling's room where she had oftimes been,
It's here in pain do remain for the maid of Sweet Gertie.

It is no use in talking I'll take my pen in hand
And John O'Brien it is my name I live in flowery land
My time I spent in discontent since first her face I've seen
Her place abode lies near a road at home in Sweet Gertie

Female voice: (speaks) certainly is a ---




Text notes: A father is not happy with his son's choice of a wife. The father takes the girl away without telling the son.

Tune notes: Sung very freely, with pauses on high notes, the form is "abba".

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