MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Golden Hind
Jim Rice NFLD 1 Tape 9 Track 3
Cape Broyle Audio:
Newfoundland ballad / storm at sea

It was by that cold November wind our loved one sailed away,
Far far from home and friends he loved to a distant port Bahia

The day was fine and seas were smooth when he bid his friends good-bye,
And quickly glided over the sea in the good ship Golden Hind

They reached that port and soon declared while friends at home did roam,
Expecting them a cargo from Barbados to bring home,

Days and weeks passed by no tidings came anxiety to renew,
At last they're surely doomed the fact's that the ship is overdue.

North winds prevailed and blinding snow that beat them in the face,
At last glad sight to those on board they're sighted of Cape Race

Now Jim spoke of going to Bay Bulls as they drew nearer the land,
And the watchful eye already knew that the storm was near at hand.

Our Captain tried to end the voyage to get to St. John's town,
When suddenly the storm arose and the ship she soon hove down,

With blinding snow and bitter sleet which beat them in the face,
They were driven from the motion head to the southward of Cape Race

At last fine weather came too late the ship sailed down the shore
No flag was flying to the main as on each voyage before

Our friends on shore forgot the flag our ship she did pass down,
Expecting to hear from their loved ones dear when they arrived in town.

The news is come alas what news it bends down every head,
The golden hind arrived in town with our beloved Harding dead,

All expirated by that dreadful news his loving wife she lay,
A praying to God to take her too with him who's passed away.

He leaves a loving wife behind with six small children dear,
His aged parents nearly crushed when the dreadful news did hear I,

Six sisters married living still in their native land their homes,
Two brothers with their parents their hearts are filled with gloom.

And one tossed on the briny sea some isles near sunny,
Spain is doomed to hear the dreadful news when he'll return again,

The man that taught him all of the ropes as they crossed the briny main,
Together on a pleasant voyage we'll never meet again.

But God has called him for his own me does things for the best,
I hope that his immortal soul will find eternal rest.


Sources: Mercer 126; Peacock 922

History:A Newfoundland song.

Text notes: Jim Harding dies at sea during a storm. Cape Race, Bay Bulls, and St. John's are mentioned. Peacock preumes that the port mentioned in verse one (pronounced Bahay) is Bahia in Brazil.

Tune notes: Each strophe repeats a single double line ("aa" form), each with a long arching contour and an ascending leap of an octave.

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