MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Charming Young Widow
Jim O'Brien NFLD 1 Tape 9 Track 1
Cape Broyle Audio:
Ballad / deception

I live in Vermont and one day last summer,
A letter informed me my uncle was dead,
It also requested I go down to Boston,
As he left me a large sum of money it said.

Of course I determined on making the journey,
And to book myself by the first class I was paying,
But had I gone second I'd never have encountered,
The charming young widow I met on the train.

I scarce had been seated within my compartment,
When a fresh passenger entered the door,
It was a lady a young one and dressed in deep mourning,
An infant in long clothes she gracefully bore.

A white cap surrounded a face oh so lovely,
I shall never look on one like it again,
I fell deep in love over head in a minute,
With the charming young widow I met in the train.

The widow and I side by side sat together,
The carriage containing ourselves and no more,
Till silence was broken by my fair companion,
Who enquired the time by the watch that I wore.

Of course I complied and then conversation I
Was freely indulged in by both til my brain
Fairly reeled with excitement I felt so enamoured
With the charming young widow I met in the train

By this time the train had arrived at a station
Within a few miles of the great one in town
My charmer my charmer claimed as she looked through the window
"Good gracious alive sir there goes Mr. Brown.

"He's my late husband's brother dear sir would you kindly,
My best beloved child one moment sustain?"
"Of course," I complied and out on the platform,
Tripped the charming young widow l met in the train.

Three minutes elapsed when the whistle was sounded,
The train began moving no widow appeared,
I cried "stop stop stop" but they paid no attention,
With a snort and a jerk started off as I feared.

In my hard dilemma I sought for the hour,
My watch where was it? and where was my chain?
My purse too my ticket gold pencil case all gone,
Oh, that crafty young widow I met on the train.

While I was my loss so deeply bewailing,
The train again stopped and I "Tickets please" heard,
So I told the conductor while dangling the infant,
The loss I sustained but he doubted my word.

He called more officials a lot gathered round me,
Uncover the child oh how shall I explain,
For lo twas no baby twas only a dummy,
Oh, the crafty young widow I met on the train.

Satisfied I'd been robbed they allowed my departure,
Though of course I was to settle my affair the next day,
So now all you young men who ride on the railway,
Beware of young widows you'll meet on the train.


Sources: Randolph 390; Roud 3754;

History: Author of the lyrics is the American, W. H. Gove, in the 1860s.

Text notes: The singer is robbed by a widow he met on the train. (In some versions she also leaves behind her baby.)

Tune notes: A major key melody in triple metre and "abcd" form.

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