MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Farmer's Daughter
Monica Rossiter NFLD 1 Tape 7 Track 5
Cape Broyle Audio:
Ballad / love crosses social class

A sailor courted a farmer's daughter,
That was convenient to the Isle of Man,
Remark good people what followed after,
A long time courting no harm done,
A long time courting but still coursing,
All things concerning the ocean wide,
He said my darling at our next meeting,
If you'll consent l'll make you my bride.

The news was carried to his old mother,
Before that tie put one step on board,
That he was courting a farmer's daughter,
Which friends or parents could not afford,
One penny portion going to the ocean,
Like one distracted his mother run,
Saying if you don't forsake her your bride not make her,
I will disown you to be my son.

Oh mother dear you're in a passion,
I'm very sorry you spoke too late,
Don't you remember at your first proceedings,
My father married you a servant maid,
So don't dispraise her I mean to raise her,
Just as my father with you have done,
Therefore l'll take her my bride l'll make her,
So now dear mother disown your son.

Money or not love you are my lot love,
You have my heart and affection still,
Therefore l'll take her my bride l'll make her,
Let my scolding mother say what she will.

(speaks laughing) Got caught up on the chest.


Sources:Laws O41 ("Constant Lovers"); also called "A Sailor Courted a Farmer's Daughter"; Henry 634; Roud 993.


Text notes: The song relates that a sailor wants to marry a farmer's daughter after one more trip. His mother is against it, but he resolves to wed anyway.

Tune notes: The two versions of this song have different tunes but both are performed in a flexible metric style. 7/5   is characterized by a move to the highest pitch in line 5, and by pentatonic scale structure except for this same line.

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