MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Grandma (Grandmere)
Monica Rossiter NFLD 1 Tape 7 Track 2
Cape Broyle Audio:
Comic song

Great Grandmere when the west was new,
She wore hoop skirts and bustles too,
When infants came and times got bad,
She stuck right up to old Grandad,
She worked hard 7 days in a week,
To keep Grandad well fed and slick
21 children came to bless
Their happy home in the wilderness.

21 boys oh how they grew big,
And strong on bacon too,
Slept on the floor with the sheeps and goats,
And hunted in the woods with their own skin coats,
Great Grandaddy was a busy old man,
He washed his face in the frying-pan,
Shaved his beard with a hunting knife,
And he wore the one suit all his life.

21 necks Grandmere would scrub,
21 shirts in the old washtub,
21 meals 3 times a day,
It's a wonder Grandmere's hair turned grey,
She knit socks and 60 pair,
21 suits of underwear,
She sat down ten times a day,
She smoked her pipe and she drunk her tea.

She cook and hung out a wash,
She could take her liquor too by gosh,
Grandpa once he skinned a goat,
And Grandmere made a new fur coat,
Great Grandmere had a broody hen,
She got it from her cousin Ben,
With a pair of pants she made a nest,
And the hen hatched out a coat and dress.

She could make good mountain dew,
Home-baked beans and Irish stew,
Grandmere she could read and write,
She was deaf but she had good sight,
And what she did was quite alright,
She worked all day and she slept all night,
But the young girls now are the other way,
They're up all night and they sleep all day.




Text notes: Title of the textual transcription is "Grandmere." Comic song about the exploits of Grandma when the West was new.

Tune notes: 4/4 metre with some pauses in this performance; major key.

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