MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
On the Banks of the Band
Mary Whalen NFLD 1 Tape 6 Track 4
Cape Broyle Audio:
Ballad / love crosses class lines

When first to this country a stranger I came here
I placed my affection on the maid who was fair
She being young and tender her waist small and slender
Kind nature has framed her proved my overthrow

When first I beheld her on the banks of a river
She appeared like a goddess or some noble queen
Her eyes shined like diamonds like the stars brightly shining
Her cheeks were li- bloomed like roses or blood on the snow

It was her poor- cruel father who first turned against me
Because she was rich and above my degree
I will do my endeavours my darling to gain you
Although you were born of a rich family

Oh Johnny, lovely Johnny don't be melancholy
For I will prove constant to you I'll be true
There's no other superior will ever gain my favour
On the banks of the Band love I'll amble with you

Now since I gained her I'm contented as ever
I'll put the rings on her fingers gold drops in her ears
With diamonds and a-pearls I will dig my brown curls
And all sorts of grandeur I will style up my dear

Female voice (speaks): Very good.




Text notes: A love story about a rich girl and poor man. Her father disapproves but they get together in the end.

Tune notes: A triple metre melody in Dorian/Aeolian mode (lacks a 6 th degree). The form is "abc b a'" ; the octave leap in the "a" phrase is distinctive. Throughout this song the singer is prompted as she occasionally forgets words.

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