MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Towering Heights of Newfoundland
Catherine Powers NFLD 1 Tape 5A Track 7
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Newfoundland Ballad / memories Musical notation available

Down memory's lane again I'm strolling
To view the place of my youth and birth
And to live again in my carefree boyhood
Back to the freest land on earth

With her hills surrounding her valleys bounding
Mountain streams and her lakes so grand
With her coastline splendour that do surrender
And the towering heights of old Newfoundland

Down the mountainside where first I met you
You looked so neat in your cotton bands
In a thousand years I will not forget you
And the towering heights of old Newfoundland

Down the mountain path where we trapped together
And ofttimes straying from the babbling stream
We vowed our love would live forever
And bloom like roses in the early spring

But roses fade when their bloom is .
And the towering heights of old Newfoundland

I would love to view from your Cabot Tower
Quidi Vidi from the old bandstand
And to Bannerman Park for a pleasant hour
God bless the heights of old Newfoundland



History: The composer of this song was Jack Dodge.

Text notes: Singer reminisces in old age.

Tune notes: This is one of several Newfoundland tunes in a mixture of 5/4 metre and 6/4 with particular emphasis on the third and fourth quarter (a long note or extended motive that sometimes has an extra beat, extending the metre to 6/4).   The four lines of each stanza are patterned abab and characterized by the dramatic rise of phrases one and three over the range of a ninth.

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