MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Bung Your Eyes
Jacob Noseworthy NFLD 1 Tape 4A Track 5
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Ballad / comic

To purchase a basket was Jack's first intent
To purchase a basket he was fully bent
And twenty bright shillings there he did pay
He took out the basket and dodged along laddie

He dodged along 'til he came to his ship
'Twas come my good shipmates and let's have a drink
'Twas come my good shipmates come drink if you're dry
The best of good liquor they call 'Bung Your Eye' laddie

To open the basket was Jack's neat intent
To gather spray on it he was fully bent
When he opened the basket he heard a child cry
Wrapped up in a blanket it was Bung Your Eye laddie

To get the lad christened was Jack's next intent
To get a name for him he was fully bent
Said the parson to Jack I will christen your boy
But what will you call him said Jack 'Bung Your Eye laddie

Bung Your Eye? Said the parson, sure that's a queer name
And damn it said Jack is it queer how it came
As I was a-going my sea-stock to buy
I got soaked in the liquor and I bought Bung Your Eye laddie

(speaks) That's it.


Sources: Alternative title "Quare Bungo Rye"; Roud 2404                

History: British and Irish variants.

Text notes: There are two feasible interpretations of this text. In one, a sailor thinks he is buying whiskey but instead acquires a basket that has a baby in it. Hence, he names the baby "Bung your eyes" which is the name of the whisky he sought. A second interpretation is that the "basket" is a metaphor for a prostitute whom he gets pregnant. When the baby arrives, he names it after the whisky that he drank on the night in question.

Tune notes: A triple metre tune with a single line, vocable refrain.

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