MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
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Newfoundland Ballad / leaving home

Oh, my dear I'm all for Canada now Sally we must part
To leave my aged parents all with a broken heart
To face cold hearted strangers there in that foreign land
As the tears rolled down her rosy cheeks as she took him by the hand

Stay at home dear Willie you will find employment here
How can you leave your blue-eyed girl likewise your parents dear
For then your mother's heart would break if you will go away
And think on your dear old father his locks are turning grey

I will think on them said Willie and that you need not fear
Think on my aged parents likewise you Sally dear
For I'm just now in St. John's town no employment can I find
Now I must away I cannot stay I've just made up my mind

If you do go, said Sally, remember Will each day
Your welfare and prosperity I every day will pray
Think upon the pleasant hours we rambled side by side
And the many promises you made that you would make me your bride

Oh the promises I made, my lover, to them I mean to stand
For my intention is to come again to Newfoundland
I don't intend for to remain long on the Canada shore
For I cannot stay two years away from the girl I do adore

With streaming eyes and heavy sighs she kissed her own true love
She looked as pure as an angel, as simple as a dove
Her dark blue eyes and her ruby cheeks and her heart was full of fear
She's a lovely one, a handsome girl and her age is scarce nineteen year



History: Newfoundland song.

Text notes: The singer is leaving his home and family in Newfoundland to find work on the mainland (i.e., in Canada).

Tune notes: An abba form in mixolydian mode.

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