MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Bundle and Go
Performed by Morris Houlihan Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 3A Track 2
Community: Flatrock Audio:
Genre: Ballad / leaving home  


Male voice: (speaks) Alright.

On the banks of … where the tides do run slowly
Where lads and gay lasses sat there on each day
I came there intent to give you the first offer
So make up your mind without any delay

Your father is out and the house it is lonely ruin
You'll ruin me tonight if you answer me no
It lies in your power for to be my dearie
So arise bonny lassie we'll bundle and go

When your father was dying he gave me his blessing
He told me for not to wed any but you
His advice I have taken 'twas you I first courted
I always found you both constant and true

Contentment with pleasure gives heir to my kingdom
My heart beats with pleasure come ill or come woe
You'll find yourself happy when blessed with my dearie
Arise bonnie lassie we'll bundle and go

(Spoken): What's next now, Jack?

[Answer unclear]

[Last two stanzas above are repeated]

(Speaks): Is it "A fig for excuses"?

Male voice: (speaks) I think so (pause) I don't- I forgets it now.

There's a fig for excuses come pack up your linens
Through woods and through valleys tonight we must gang
There's dangers in talking and kissing and courting
The day will be dawning before it is long

(Speaks): Now Adelaide, can you sing any of that?

Your father and mother no doubt will be hungry
But time after time our riches will flow
When they see our young children around the fire sitting
If you'll only take courage to bundle and go

Her tender young heart it began to grow weary
She said while the tears in abundance did flow
"It's hard to be teased though between love and beauty
Although along with you I'd willingly go

But if I were to go without telling my father
My fortune he'd keep and that you do know
My mother would enrage and forever disown me
Only for that would I willingly go."

(Speaks): Now, do you know the last verse, Adelaide?

(Female voice speaks): "Love linked us together."

(Male voice sings): Now love linked us together by getting us married
In peace and contentment the years rolled along
Her tender young heart it grew happy and pleasant
And for to please Ann I tried every plan

O, now she's all my joy and my comfort
And love into each other's arms do flow
She blesses the hour she left father and mother and
Took my advice for to bundle and go


Sources: Roud 3330


Text notes: The singer beckons his love to leave home for a better world, presumably in North America.

Tune notes: A triple metre tune that seems to be in aeolian mode, although the pitch is rather unstable in this performance.


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