MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Sealer's Song
Performed by Morris Houlihan Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 2A Track 7
Community: Flatrock Audio:
Genre: Newfoundland Ballad / seal hunting  


Oh the Terra Nova Captain Kean with two hundred and men
Went through the gap this morning for to try her luck again
The screaming of the Eagle was heard both high and low
Commander son of Abraham young sturdy Captain Joe

Next came the stout Aurora commanded by Dan Green
Then Captain Sam Bob Windsor in Bowring's Algerine
Chased by the bold Ice Ranger bound on her sealing quest
No notice to the danger and with the bishop she is blessed

George Blandford sails the Vanguard, the pride of Baine Johnston
Now long live Captain Blandford and bring him bumper trips
There's another that can find them where'er they're to be found
'Tis Bully young Bill Windsor who sails the old Bloodhound

George Barret sails the Neptune, he's as good as …
Joby Kean commands the Eric he's the son of …
And that lucky ship Diana she bears a man of fame
From Newton, Bonavista Alpheus Barbour is his name

Jim Barret sails the Iceland a bold seal killer too
Dan Bragg commands the Greenland to show what Bragg can do
Another that can find them where'er they're to be found
'Tis bully young Bill Windsor who sails the old Bloodhound

Jacob Windsor sails the Walrus that slides by Browning's store
My good friend … in the Labrador
And Jacob King in the Virginal Lake makes up the twenty ships
And my best wish may they all return filled up with bumper trips


Sources: Mercer 175, variants in Bennett, Blondahl, Doyle, Mills. For recordings by Omar Blondahl, Alan Mills, see Taft 93.

History: Newfoundland composition. Compare "Arrival of the Sealing Ships," a song that has been attributed to a Mr. Murphy of St. John's (reported by singers Enos and Harold Squires in an interview with Herbert Halpert and John Widdowson).     

Text notes: Names all the boats and their owners that participated in the seal hunt.

Tune notes: Song is in 4/4 metre with abba form.

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