MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Maid of Sweet Kartine
Performed by John Kehoe Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 2A Track 4
Community: Flatrock Audio:
Genre: Ballad / love foiled by parent  


Come all ye gentle muses and with me do combine
'Til I send forth the praises of this charming lovely maid
The curls of her yellow locks have stole away my heart
That time sure will be the cure if my love and I must part

Great praises of this lovely maid I mean for to unfold
Her hair hung o'er her shoulders like twining links of gold
Her slender waist and carriage neat have quite distract my brain
And her skin far fairer than the swan swims o'er yon parting stream

It was her cruel father first … my heart in woe
He locked my darling in her room to her I could not go
I beg of you my darling where I had oft times been
In hopes to get another sight of the maid of Sweet Kartine

T'was early Monday morning a horse he did prepare
He sent my darling off so far to the lands I knew not where
I beg of you my darling true where I had oft times been
In hopes to get another sight of the maid of Sweet Kartine

The s-
Chain and every link her hair (?)
Until my love she do return safe home to the arms of her dear



Sources: Mercer 153, Peacock 375.

History: Of Irish origin, the song has been found in Colm O Lochlainn's Irish Street Ballads and in the Come-All-Ye's by Manus O'Connor (Peacock, 376). Kartine is spelled variously Gartheen, Gorteen. Sources: Mercer 153; Peacock 375; also called "Maid of Sweet Gurteen (Gorteen)"; Henry 594; Roud 3025.

Text notes: A father foils two lovers, locking up his daughter and then sending her away. Compare the narrative of the "Suffolk Miracle" (Child 273) and of Newfoundland ballads such as the "Star of Logy Bay."

Tune notes: A triple metre, aeolian mode, melody with new material for each line of text in abcd form.

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