MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
My Sweetheart
Performed by Agnes Powers Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 2 Track 8
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Genre: Ballad / love thwarted by parent  


A crowd of young fellows one night in a club
Were talking of sweethearts they had
They all seemed so gay with the exception of one
He seemed so downhearted and sad

"Come join up as comrades like others," they said
"For surely somebody loves you!"
And Jack turned his head and he proudly said
"Oh yes I'm in love with two!"

CHORUS: For one has hair of silvery grey
And the other is just like gold
One is gay and youthful
While the other is bent and old
They are the pride of my life to me
And from them I never will part
For one is my mother God bless her, I love her
The other is my sweatheart

My sweetheart is one of those hardworking girls
And to her I intend to be wed
But father says no, it can never be so
You must marry a lady instead

Your mother is old now and that's quite enough
For I married her when she is poor
But mother says, "Yes Jack she'll be your wife yet
And father will consent I am sure!"

CHORUS: For one has the hair.etc.


Sources: For recordings by Winston Saunders, and John White, see Taft 89.


Text notes: A young man's father opposes his marriage to the girl he loves.

Tune notes: The tune Leach collected is a complex one: a b c d b c' e f g.   The phrase labelled "c" begins a seventh above the second phrase ("b").

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