MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Performed by Mrs. John Powers Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 2 Track 6
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Genre: Ballad / comic Musical notation available


And the first day of April I'll never forget
Three English blades together they met
They jumped on their horses and swore solemnly
They would play a trick on the first man they see

The first man they see was a Tailor so high
Going out of Tyrome riding into …
They saluted poor Pat and he did the same
In close conversation together they came

They all rode along 'til they made a full stop
They asked Paddy in to take a drop
"By the hokey," says Pat with a wink and a smile
"I'd like to be tasting your ale and strong wine!"

So they stopped for that night and departed next day
Until they had twenty-eight shillings to pay
Four for their horses for oats and for hay
They left Irish Paddy the reckoning to pay

"Begorra!" says Pat as they're all gone away
"My money in my pocket the reckoning I'll pay
So sit down beside me before I do go
I'll tell you a trick perhaps you don't know

I'll tell you a trick it's contrary to law
Two sorts of whiskey out of one cask I'll draw!"
The landlord being eager to find out the plan
'Twas down in the cellar the two of them ran

Pat bore a hole all in a short space
Sayin' "Now put your hand there on that very place!"
He next bore another sayin' "Put your hand there
While I for a tumbler will run up the stairs!"

He run up the stairs round the room he did walk
And down on the counter he wrote with his chalk
Twenty-eight shillings the reckoning is paid
There's an Irishman after ye three English blades

He jumped on his horse and he ran out of sight
When the butler came in to see if all was right
He searched the whole house from the … to the ground
Half dead in the cellar his Master he found

"I've been keeping an inn this twelve year or more
Such a trick as that begorra I never saw before
I thought I was as witty as any could be
But brave Irish Paddy he outwitted me!"




Text notes: Three Englishmen and an Irishman play practical jokes.

Tune notes: A rather quick 6/8 metre tune in Mixolydian mode.

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