MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Sweet Forget Me Not
Performed by Vince Ledwell Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 1A Track 3
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Genre: Parlour song / Love remembered  


Fancy brings a thought to me
A flower rich and rare
It's grace and beauty does combine
So fancy and so fair
'Twas of a maiden that I loved
She was my happy lot
Where we parted and she whispered
"You'll forget me not"

At length there came a happy day
When something that I said
Which caused her little murmuring lips
To say that we should wed
Down by a tiny little lot
In a little garden spot
There grows a tiny flower
Called the sweet Forget-me-not

She's graceful and she's charming
As the lily in the pond
Grace and beauty does combine

(speaks) No, by the jingoes!

(resumes song) Time is swiftly passing by
Of her I am so fond
The daisies and the roses too were blooming round the spot

(Speaks): You better stop her … There's something else there …Yes but you've come further then that I think …get her goin'. [The informant is here talking with someone in background who is barely audible]

(Resumes singing) We met I really don't know where but still it's all the same
For Love walks in the busy street as well as in the lane.

(Speaks) Come on again, boy.

(sings) She threw her arms around me
I glanced at her a-shocked
She dropped a flower I picked it up
'Twas a sweet forget-me-not

She's graceful and she's charming as the roses in the pond
Time is swiftly passing by of her I am so fond
The daisies and the roses too are blooming 'round the spot
Where we parted and she whispered, "You'll forget me not"


Sources: West 1: 48.

History: "composed in 1877 by Bobby Newcomb of Cincinnati who published it in sheet music as a "Song with Waltz Chorus." It appeared in a late 19th century "Irish Songster" published in the United States. By the middle years of the twentieth century it was in oral tradition in Newfoundland. It was particularly popular in the St. Mary's Bay area. In the 1970s a hit recording of it by Branch native Eddie Coffey gave it even more popularity" (Rosenberg in West 1: 56).

Text notes: A nostalgic memory of the singer's true love.

Tune Notes: Gently rocking 6/8 metre has occasional syncopations. Chorus repeats the tune of the verses, with line repetition abab.

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