MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Oddfellows Hall
Performed by Mr. Walsh Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 1A Track 2
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Genre: Comic song  


I met me friend Paddy McKenna
One evening on Washington Street
Said he to me, "Say Jimmy Dolan
Here's a ticket will give you a treat!"
I took up the card that he offered
Begob t'wasn't large, t'wasn't small
It just admitted a gent and a lady
To a party in Oddfellow's hall

CHORUS: Waltzes, polkas, lancers, gallops and slide
Hi-dos, di-dos, fancy quadrilles, reels and slide
I'll never forget that night you may bet
I went down to Oddfellows Hall

McKenna he was floor director
He wore a green badge on his chest
Pink necktie tucked into his shirt front
Begob he was handsomely dressed
And when he walked up with Miss Bridget
Sure I wasn't in it at all
But I says to meself, "Wait, McKenna
There's more than one man in the hall"

Chorus: Waltzes, polkas, etc.

I waited 'til after it was over
Then up to him boldly I go
Says I to him, "Shy Patty
Where did you hire them clothes?"
"You're a liar!" says Pat in a second
Says I, "What's that word that ye called?"
And the next minute me and McKenna
Were cleaning up Oddfellows Hall

CHORUS: Waltzes polkas…etc.

Next mornin' before Justice Duffy
Sure me and McKenna were brought in
Ten dollars or ten days sir
But poor me and Pat hadn't a ten
We took a short sail down the harbour
Begob we were feellin' quite small
We spent ten days on their island
For cleaning up Oddfellows Hall



History: Comic song, apparently Irish.

Text notes: Narrates a fight at a dance hall. The refrain names many popular late 19th century social dances.

Tune notes: A triple metre tune, performed flexibly, likely a stage or music hall song.


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