MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Swansee Town
Mrs. Peter Mushrow NFLD 1 Tape 18 Track 6
Cape Ray Audio:
Ballad / sailor's return Musical notation available

Down by some Swansee Barracks one evening as I strayed
A-viewing of the roses red I spied a handsome maid
Red and rosy was her cheeks the tears they did flow down
I thought she was some gone astray the lass of Swansee Town

I boldly stepped up to her I said, "What brought you here?"
"I am in search, kind sir," she said, "all for my Willie dear.
Eight years ago he left me for Princetown he was bound.
He told me that he would be true to the lass of Swansee Town."

"If Willie was your true love's name I know that young man well.
Twas in a battle with the French your true love Willie fell.
A cannon ball which made him fall and give him his death wound.
He told me for to take you dear the lass of Swansee Town."

"Stand back, stand back young man," she cried, "if what you say is true.
Oh take me to my Willie dear I cannot die with you.
Oh take me to my Willie dear give me my death wound.
For no other young man will ever enjoy the Lass of Swansee Town."

His jacket then fell open those marks he did make known
She flew into her Willie's arms crying, "Welcome Willie home."
There is a cottage by the sea where they are settled down
Young Willie of the Royal Blue and the Lass of Swansee Town


Sources: Peacock 547 ("Lass of Swansea Town"). Called "The Holy Ground" in Ireland.   (; Roud 929.

History: Irish and American variants.

Tune notes: A classic arch-shaped, abba pattern, in triple metre, and a major key.

Typical spelling would have it as "Swansea."

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