MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Lass in Bethlehem Green
(The Dutchman's Wife)
Ernest Poole NFLD 1 Tape 17A Track 4
Cape Ray Audio:
Comic song Musical notation available

There is a lass in Bethlehem Green the finest lass that ever was seen
Her hair was red her eyes was blue her dreadful end I'll tell to you

Once she had a lot of beaux she at them all turned up her nose
Now growing tired of a single life she then became a Dutchman's wife

Chorus: To me Yanky pranky ooo loo loo
To me yanky pranky ah ha ha
Jealousy being both trouble and strife and that come … the Dutchman's Wife

When he comes home she outward pops to buy some bread to the bakery shop
The baker being a man of a single life he then took sight to the Dutchman' wife

Says Mrs. Green to Mrs. Brown soon the news went round the town
Mrs. Brown … no better than she ought to've been

Chorus: To me Yanky pranky etc.

The Dutchman-

Says Mrs. Brown to him one day we'll watch the shop and then we'll see
We watched the shop and sure as life the baker kissed the Dutchman's wife

The Dutchman waits to see no more straight to a public house next door
There being drinking until night then came rolling home right tight

Chorus: To me Yanky pranky etc.

. got up to open the door soon he fell her on the floor
Stabbed her twice with a carving knife and that put an end to the Dutchman's wife

When he saw she was no more like a child began to roar
He hobbed and he sobbed but twas all in vain he could not pitch her back a gain

Chorus: To me Yanky pranky etc.

He runned upstairs one helluva smack he hove himself on the broad of back
Struck his head with a pall below and that put an end to the Dutchman-o


Sources: Alternative title on the musical transcription, "The Dutchman's Wife."


Text notes: The text of a strong-willed woman who marries a Dutchman seems rather confusing, but might be clearer if Bethlehem is an alteration of "bedlam." Tthe Dutchman reference has connotations of "double Dutch" a phrase sometimes meaning someone who doesn't know their own mind.

Tune notes: A deliberate performance in 4/4 metre; major key.

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