MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Medicine Jack
John A. McLellan NFLD 1 Tape 17 Track 8
St. Georges Audio:
Music hall style / Comic

How do my friends how are you all I hope you're very ill
For then I trust I'll sell to you just one little pill
They're made of Rupert's (?) butter soap and cheese
The more you take the less you'll want I hope they will you please

Chorus: Oh, my is anyone ill? Is anyone ill?
Oh, my is anyone ill? Is anyone ill?
Oh my I'm a jolly old quack quack quack what carried his pack on his back
I've plasters and pills and rollers and twill
And they call me Medicine Jack

My drafts they keep out drafts and colds out of your head
Should be taken late at night before you go to bed
And when you do prepare one dose just give it one big shake
And in a glass of vodka one tablespoon you'll take


My plasters they are very good for pains in head in hair
For pains in arms for pains in legs for pains in everywhere
You warm it at a fire and apply it very hard
Very good, very cheap, only fourteen cents per yard


Do you want some teeth pulled out? If so I am the man
I've crushers, squeezers, spades and pickaxe in my van
I can pull you out a dozen teeth and without the slightest pain
And then as quick as lightning I can put them in again


You will not buy my medicine for good I know not why
You'd think poor Medicine Jack had told you one big lie
But I have told the truth to you and on it I will swear
And since you will not buy my goods I'll go and sell elsewhere






Text notes: Comic song about a quack doctor.

Tune notes: Music hall style patter song in 6/8 metre; major key; with refrain.

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