MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
South Carolina State
Alexander March NFLD 1 Tape 17 Track 5
Port au Port Audio:
Ballad / soldier deserter

Come all you young and youthful friends I hope you'll lend an ear
And listen unto those few lives that draw from me a tear
I'm heavy bound in irons strong to await my coming fate
Far from my home I'm here alone in the South Carolina State

When I was young and foolish I left my happy home
To seek for sport and pleasure so far away did roam
… the northern wars to fight for gold so bright
They used me so severely that I left them in the night

Soon I was overtaken and forced before to stand
They bound my feet in irons strong they handcuffed my two hands
They locked me in a dreadful cell to await my coming doom
They sentenced me to hang upon the twenty-first of June

Here's adieu unto my father when he will realize
Likewise unto my mother where will she comfort find
Likewise unto my comrades all for me will heave a sigh
When I thinks upon my happy home, seems hard for me to die

Here's adieu unto my brother whose face I never will see
Likewise unto my sister she was so fond of me
At nine o'clock I'm doomed to die all by my comrades' hands
Far from my home I'm here alone into some foreign land

There is one thing more I will ask of you if you carry my body home
And bury it with my sister beneath the marble stone
And plant upon my youthful brow a weeping willow tree
For there's many a young and a youthful friend may they all shed tears for me


Sources: Lehr 174.

History: According to Edward Ward, a Southeast Bight singer from whom the song was collected in 1976, "this song is about a Newfoundlander who went to fight in the war for American independence" (Lehr 174).

Text notes:   Singer left home to fight abroad, but he deserted, and is now due to hang.

Tune notes: An abba form, sung freely.

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