MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Handsome Harry
Theresa White NFLD 1 Tape 17 Track 4
Port au Port Audio:
Ballad / cruel love

Handsome Harry Handsome Harry Thomas
He was sued and sued for breach of promise
He took Mary a-walking through the dell
And told her don't you dare to tell

Mary went right home and told her mother
Ma told Pa and Pa he told her brother
Her brother told the preacher
And the preacher told the wedding bell

Don't ever take a girl named Mary
Don't ever take a girl named Sue
… girl named Maud nor Carrie
Those are just the girls that you would have to marry

If you'd want to go a-walking
A-walking through the silvery dell
Always take a girl named Daisy (spoken) Why?
(sung) Because Daisies don't tell



Sources: Laws P34 ("Sailor and the Ghost"); Roud 568.


Text notes: A pregnant girl, abandoned by her lover, hangs herself. Her ghost follows him to sea and demands justice. In this variant, we have just the beginning of this narrative. We are told he was sued for breach of promise by Mary (the girl) and by several others.

Tune notes: An emphatic 4/4 tune.

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