MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Cherry Orchard
Mrs. Stephen Rowsell NFLD 1 Tape 17 Track 1
Curling Audio:
Lyric song

Harvest time has kissed the fields with ripened splendour
The cherries hung in clusters from the tree
Down the orchard trill the robins sweet and tender,
As I told loves story o'er to dear Louise

It's a vision of a scene that haunts my memory
Just a picture set in memory's golden frame
Of the cherry orchard and the moonlight beaming
As she spoke those words that set my heart aflame

Down in the old cherry orchard under the old cherry tree
Every night by the moon's silvery light she sang love songs to me
There's where I fondled and kissed her: she gave her heart there to me
Down in the old cherry orchard under the old cherry tree




Text notes: Recounts a lovers' tryst under the cherry tree, in accordance with a broad range of folkloric symbols of cherry trees as references to female sexuality.

Tune notes: A triple metre melody in abacb form. Note that the tune changes in some verses.

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