MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Ghosts of Exhumed Bodies
Paddy Maher NFLD 1 Tape 16A Track 9 and Tape 15 Track 1
Flatrock Audio:

Years ago […] they were building some large buildings in a certain town in Newfoundland. And right where the buildings were supposed to come there was an old cemetery. And in order to make room for the cemetery. for the building they had to move the cemetery. So they got some men there and they were supposed to open the graves at night and take out the remains and coffin them and bring them to a new cemetery and bury them. So the men went to work, and when they got to work there they found that some of those people had been buried so long that there was nothing left of the coffins or of the remains. And all they could do was shovel up so much clay put it in a coffin bring it to the new cemetery and bury it. So there was a certain man lives there from before the work started and this evening he was sitting down in his door just after dark or before dark and he saw this great procession of people coming up the road. So he watched them as they passed by and he wondered … there were so many among them that he knew and knew they were dead for several years. So the next evening the same thing happened. So he spoke to one man that he knew and he said, "What's the trouble. what's up?" "Well," he said, "since they moved us down in that swamp," he said, "we can't rest, because our coffins were filled with water." And he said, "There's no rest at all. So," he said, "at sundown we make our way back to where we were. We were comfortable there. "But," he said, "at daybreak we got to get back again in the swamp and we're in misery." And he said, "What about those other fellows," he said, "those rich men that died: are they in the same place?" "Yes," they said, "they're just the same." He said, "It's a pity to see some of their lovely caskets the way they're spoiled now with the …

[Tape ends: Leach begins new reel and story continues]

Well he said the reason the rest of them don't come back is most of them can't find their legs; because when they would get in the mud their legs was in one coffin and their body in the other and they would get themselves together to be able to walk back.



One of three ghost stories told by Paddy Maher.

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