MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Stolen Grave Goods
Paddy Maher NFLD 1 Tape 16A Track 7
Flatrock Audio:

Some years ago, fishing vessels on the Labrador, in a certain harbour where Indians resided, an old Indian died. And it is the custom with the Indians when they're burying their dead they always bury their belongings with them. So this old In- … this crew attended the funeral and one feller in particular among the crew was surprised to see so much stuff getting buried. But one thing that took his eye more than anything else was a lovely little gun that was getting buried with the Indian. So when he got back to the vessel that night he decided that he was going to.

[Tape cuts out]

So there was. his shipmates didn't like the idea and advised him for not. So one night a little while after he went and opened up and got the gun and brought it back aboard the vessel.

So the next evening just at sundown they saw the old Indian coming down over the rocks down alongside the vessel and sitting down. And at the same time the vessel was filled up with an awful stench and odour till they all had to clear out of her. So they knew something was wrong and the captain got after them but nobody would tell about the gun.

So the next evening the same thing happened again. And the crew all had to get ashore again. So the skipper got after this feller and at last he got so frightened that he gave in that he did really take the gun. So the skipper ordered him to bring the gun back and put it where he got it and he did so next day and they never saw the Indian anymore.

Female voice: And they never … smelt …

And they never got the odour from the vessel … all went at the one time.


One of three ghost stories told by Paddy Maher.

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