MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Hearing Fairy Voices
James Maher NFLD 1 Tape 16A Track 5
Flatrock Audio:
Personal Experience Narrative

Leach: You got in a boat…

We're on a boat just us, just the two of us, my cousin and myself, and it got very calm. We were on a sailing boat and it got very calm the … no wind at all. We got off at a place called Seal Cove. We were about two hundred yards off of the shore and we heard a lot of talk, like a crowd of people talking but you couldn't understand what they were saying. So he said to me he said "Them are fellows now that's coming down," he said, "for to give us a tow up." Well then l hollered out: l said "Hey! We're here." Got no answer. Still the talk went on. And l hollered out again: still no answer, talk was still going on. "Well," he said, "don't you sing out anymore," he said, "now don't sing out anymore." I couldn't tell what had happened. He said, "You mustn't sing out three times." So l didn't sing out, till there were a little breeze of wind came filled our sails and we sailed on.

All we knew about it … but they were people's voices talking as sure as I'm talking here now but you couldn't understand. Did you ever hear people talking a piece away and you'd know they were talking and you wouldn't understand what they be saying? Well, that's just how it sounded to us. So we told them when we came back. "Oh," somebody said, "That was the fairies. Shouldn't mind them. We always hear them." That's all there was to it.


See notes for James' first fairy abduction story.

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