MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
City of Boston
Alexander March NFLD 1 Tape 15A Track 3
Port au Port Audio:
Ballad / sea-faring

As I roved out one evening down by a Merseyside
I overheard a damsel into deep anguish cried
My husband dear alas I fear he'll never return to me
He is in the City of Boston tossed on the raging main

Bound for the port of Liverpool with passengers and mail
The steamship City of Boston from Halifax did sail
Now she is over four months due no news can we obtain
From this missing. From the missing City of Boston we'll never see her again

[My love] was a gallant sailor bold and liked by all his crew
A kind and loving husband and a tender father too
It's on the City of Boston he ofttimes crossed the main
But now I fear he's in the deep and I'll never see him again

How little did he ever think when he first took leave of me
That he would be so long away from his little family
With a pleasant heart he left me as he ofttimes did before
But now I fear he's in the deep and I'll never see him no more

There are many now in Liverpool with aching hearts like me

Many now in Liverpool with aching hearts like me
He's in the City of Boston my gallant sailor bold
Six darling little children cries my Dada's tossed on shore
Or drowned in the deep deep sea and we'll never see him no more


Sources: Both "City of Boston" and "Paddy Backwards" have been listed in the files as being performed by "McGuar?". By all reckoning, the voice appears to be that of Alexander March (who was recorded both before (Tape 15A) and after (Tape 17) Theresa White. "McGuar?" maybe an annotation made concerning the song immediately preceeding this one, "Glen Gyle," where the name of the first man killed (McGuire, in this transcription) was being deciphered.


Text notes: The singer is upset and worried about her husband who sailed on the City of Boston four months earlier. No word has been received.

Tune notes: An abba form in dorian mode.

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