MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Old Colonel
Jack Kehoe NFLD 1 Tape 14A Track 7
Flatrock Audio:
Ballad / sexual harrassment

Now twas on a sum.

(speaks) You must excuse me for singing for I'm not much of a singer

Female voice: (speaks) That's all right: we just want.

Now twas on a summer's morning in the county town of Ross
The colonel was walking this morning with a feather in his hat
This old lady stepped out beside him and she spoke with a feebling voice
Saying, "Your honour I'd like to see you in private for I got a troubled mind."

"Go straight unto my office with the burden on your mind
And you'll see me there at nine
And if I'll consider my duty I'll see you right a fine

(speaks) There is more…she's in the office now.

"Your honour I have an only daughter an I think she's a foolish lass
She's courting one of your eldest soldiers dressed up in his lovely brass.
I 'm afraid he'll take her from me she swears he's a sporting lad
And your honour you'll have my blessing if you'll banish him out of Ross."

The trumpets was sounded next morning and called up Johnny Hart
He bowed before the Colonel and he spoke with an honourable voice
Saying, "Your honour I courted that woman's daughter there and that same I'll never deny
And your honour I'd court the Colonel's daughter if I could but gain her mind

. if I could but gain her mind."

"Well done my gallant soldier I likes your courage well
And I'll have you promoted for these very words you've said
And when you are promoted I think you're an equal match
You'll be fitted for ar-. farmer's' daughter gain' into the town of Ross."

Those young couple they got married so I hear the people say
Great nobles did attend them upon their wedding day
Now they are married and happy and their parents know it not
And they dwells with the highest farmers the last time I was in Ross




Text notes: A young woman's mother complains to a colonel about the advances of a solider toward her daughter. The colonel defends the actions of the soldier and encourages their union.

Tune notes: The song form is abcda and the metre is triple (or a slow 6/8).

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