MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
"War Alphabet"
Eddy Primroy NFLD 1 Tape 14A Track 6
Pouch Cove Audio:
Alphabet song Mr. Primroy accompanies himself on guitar

Now friends if you will listen to me for just one minute please
I'll sing to you a little song from letters A to Z
If it chanced that they don't rhyme don't lay no blame on me
Because it took me fourteen weeks to get from A to Z

A is for the Air Force boys with hearts so brave and true
B is for the battle and we're bound to win it through
C is for our country and we're sure she will withstand
D is for duty that we pledge unto our land

E That's stands for England boys one nation brave and strong
F is for the "Fuhrer" whose time now won't be long
G that stands for Goering who'll also meet his fate
H is for the heat that waits them in that fiery place

I is for the iron and the steel that we can sling
J is for the justice boys that it will surely bring
K is for the khaki suits our soldier lads must wear
L is for the lovers who wait their sweethearts over there

M is for the many things that we must do so without
N is for the Navy boys who guard the deep blue route
O is for our officers who stand first in command
P is for the precious lads that form the army band

Q is for the questioning that waits for every Hun
R is for the roundup time when it's too late to run
S is for the satisfaction we are sure to share
T is for the time when we will fly right over there

U is for the Union Jack we're sure she'll never fall
V of course for victory and it's for one and all
W stands for wayward boys who'll be soon homeward bound
Xs stand for kisses that we will pass around

Y is for the yellow rats the laugh will be on them
Z is for the "Ziegfried" line that we won't need again
Of all the letters in this song the one that beats them all
Is V for victory the letter that won't let our old flag fall


Sources: Mercer 91; Leach 178. The version Leach collected in the Labrador has a few different lines. most notable the pairing "F it stands for freedom, the time now won't be long / G it stands for glory where each shall meet his fate." This is labelled the "Airforce Alphabet" in some of the documentation.


Text notes: Another occupational alphabet song.

Tune notes: Triple metre, major key with primary chord harmonization, and a phrase repetition pattern aba'c.

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