MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle
Eddy Primroy NFLD 1 Tape 14A Track 1
Pouch Cove Audio:
Newfoundland Ballad / lover's return Laws H29

[Mr. Primroy accompanies himself on guitar]

One evening for pleasure I rambled
To view the fair fields all alone
Down by the banks of loch Erin
Where beauty and pleasure was known

I spied a fair maid at her labours
Which caused me to stay for awhile
I thought her the goddess of beauty
The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle

I humbled myself to her beauty
"Fair maiden where do you belong?
Are you from the heavens descended
Abiding in Cupid's fair throng?"

"Young man I will tell you a secret
I am a fair maid that is poor
Apart from my vows and my promises
My poor heart could never endure

"And so I'll remain at my service
And go through all hardship and toil
And wait for the lad that has left me
Alone on the banks of Belle Isle."


Sources:   Mercer 100; Laws H29; Greenleaf 1968: 268; Peacock 598, also compare the tune of the "Green Shores of Fogo" in Peacock 522; Doyle   1927 & 1940; for recordings by Bob Dylan, Joyce Sullivan, and Ed Trickett, see Taft 76; Fowke 1973: 112; Note that recordings of this song have tended to be by non-Newfoundlanders. Roud 2191.

History: Newfoundland song. Fowke suggests it may be a variant of the Irish love song "Loch Erin's Sweet Riverside" and "The Lass of Dunmore."

Text notes: The singer encounters a young maiden waiting for her lover to return from his travels. The singer eventually reveals himself to be the lost lover.

Tune notes: This tune is not the one that has been widely recorded and transcribed in several collections (Peacock, West etc.). Like the more familiar one, it is a triple metre tune, but unlike in that it is in a major key.

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