MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
"Banks of Newfoundland" and "Greenfields of America" (Harmonica Tunes)
Eddy Primroy NFLD 1 Tape 14 Track 13 and 14
Pouch Cove Audio: Yes (see below)
Harmonica dance tunes Banks of Newfoundland: Laws K25

[Banks of Newfoundland]

[Greenfields of America]


Banks of Newfoundland

Sources: References to ballads of the same name: Mercer 96; Laws K25; Peacock   (Canadian, American and English versions), 105, 108, 854;   Creighton 1932, 221, 223;   for recordings by the Dorymen, Wilf Doyle, Harry Hibbs, Ray Walsh, Walter Rogers, see Taft 76; Fowke 1994: 184 but this might be a different ballad;.cf. Greenleaf 230; Lomax FSNA, 31; Henry 743; Roud 1812. There is another instrumental version of Banks of Newfoundland: Leach collected an accordion version from Mary Whalen of Cape Broyle. Neither Mr. Primroy's nor Mrs. Whalen's have words, which is surprising, given the popularity of the song.


Tune notes: This jig is unrelated to any of the ballad tunes of the same name. It may have been misnamed in Leach's documentation.

Greenfields of America

Sources: The folk song of this name has title variants including"The Emigrants Lament" and "Greenfields of Canada"; Roud 15034.


Tune notes:   Fast, duple metre tune.


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