MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Guitar and Harmonica Instrumentals
Eddy Primroy NFLD 1 Tape 14 Track 4-6
Pouch Cove Audio: Yes (see below)
Instrumental song and dance tunes

Female voice: (speaks) Okay

Leach: No, wait a minute that mike is. [taps on microphone] Yeah, now it's okay

Male voice: Alright?

Leach: Yeah

[Cliffs of Baccalieu]

Leach: Alright.

[St. Lawrence Bay]

[Squid Jigging Ground]


Cliffs of Baccalieu

Sources:   Mercer 109; Nolan 13; West 2: 10; for early recordings by Harry Hibbs, Winston Saunders, John White, Edison Williams, see Taft 78; also recorded by Ryan's Fancy, Stan Rogers, and Bristol's Hope (1997);

History: Newfoundland song. Composed by Jack Withers (1899-1964) who was also the first performer in April 1934 on The Adventures of the Irene B. Mellon , a popular radio serial in St. John's (Hiscock in West 2, 54).

Text notes: While this is an instrumental version, the song relates the story of a Newfoundland schooner returning from the Labrador fishery, and the close call with running aground on the rocks at Baccalieu

St. Lawrence Bay



Tune notes: The guitar accompaniment almost drowns out the melody in this recording. One can detect a triple, metre, major key tune, in abba form.

Squid Jigging Ground:

Sources: Mercer 181, Doyle, West 1:44. Recorded by a long list of people, including Harry Hibbs, Omar Blondahl, and Hank Snow. See Taft 94.

Composed as a high school project by Art Scammell at the age of 15, it was forst published in Joey Smallwood's Book of Newfoundland in 1937. It was played on the Peace Tower carillon in Ottawa to mark the entry of Newfoundland into confederation in 1949 (Rosenberg in West 1:56). It is a "moniker" song naming local fishermen.

The tune resembles the Irish fiddle tune "Larry O'Gaff." A fast waltz, it is characterised by the opening octave descent and a pause on the sixth degree of the scale at the end of the second line. The tune may have influenced Wade Hemsworth's "Log Driver's Waltz."

Leach recorded four different song versions of this, from Eddy Primroy of Pouch Cove, May Whalen of Cape Broyle, Maudie Sullivan of Calvert, and R. Sheaves of Port Aux Basques

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