MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Scolding Wife
Jack Knight NFLD 1 Tape 13A Track 5
Pouch Cove Audio:
Comic song

I got married to a scolding wife a few years ago
And ever since I lived a life of misery and woe
My wife she is a tyrant around the house within
And she'll fetch me to the dickens for a glass or two of gin

She'll rise in the morning she'll go and take her dram
But I must rise go to my work as much as any man
When I'll come home at breakfast time she'll crack me on the head

A …

(speaks) no. I'm wrong

When I comes home at breakfast time with patience I must stop
For she'll drink what's in the teapot and sure I must drink the slop
And if I chance to grumble it's well I know my doom
It's the poker or the fire shovel up and down the room

I would ask of my scolding wife to let me go to bed
For to just get one hour on the pillow to lay my head
But like a roaring lion she burst open the door
And she grabbed me by the middle, slashed me naked on the floor.

It is pokers chairs and tables at me she would let fly
It's with her nails she'll tear my face with the billets she'll black my eye
She'll tear my shirt in pieces break my sweater with the broom
And she'll bang me with the fire shovel up and down the room.

Me and my companion we'd go to some public house
And she'll search all the neighbourhood until she finds us out
She'd hoist me up and ridicule me before the company
Saying, "Paddy Poteen's your master, Jack, and ever more will be."


Sources: Roud 2132, Roud 5556 has a similar theme.


Text notes: Singer recounts his life of misery with his wife.

Tune notes: A sprightly 6/8 metre melody in "abcd" form. The third and seventh degrees of the scale have variable intonation, depending on the melodic context.

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