MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
There's A Dear Spot
Jack Knight NFLD 1 Tape 13A Track 4
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Ballad / homesick

There's a dear spot in Ireland it's a spot of great fame
It's a dear little spot unto you I'll tell its name
In the north town of Ireland surround by Irish soil
They call it Londonderry on the banks of the Nile

When I was but young my parents had died
I took strange notion the salt seas for to ride
For to view distant countries and to tread on foreign soil
Far away from Londonderry on the banks of the Nile

When I courted a lassie at the age of sixteen
She was the handsomest lassie my eyes have ever seen
Her cheeks were like the roses of a heart so pure and royal
She was the pride of Londonderry on the banks of the Nile

I'll go to old Ireland and it's married I'll be
I will leave ye shipmates I will resign the sea
I'll wed with my Mary and it's hard for her I'll toil
We will live in Londonderry on the banks of the Nile

And now to conclude and to finish my song
I hope I haven't offended you or said anything that's wrong
And if ever you'll come to Ireland to view our native isle
You will like sweet Londonderry on the banks of the Nile


Sources: Henry 821; Roud 4962 ("There's a Dear Spot in Ireland")


Text notes: A homesick singer praises his home town of Londonderry, on the river Foyle (transcribed by Leach as "on the banks of the Nile.")

Tune notes: Sung in a rhythmically free style, this aa'ab melody uses major key pitch material but the cadences are modal in that the tonic is consistently approached from above.

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