MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Little Boneen
Jack Knight NFLD 1 Tape 13A Track 3
Pouch Cove Audio:
Comic song / stage

In a corner quite cosy with rum red and rosy
In a saddle roofed house, oh, belong to Kate Day
Assembled last Friday togged off snug and tidy
For Gullivan's little black pig for to play

John Doyle and Ben Keilly and long Dennis Doyle
Kennedy faced Reilly and Healy faced Breen
And fists strong and able were welting the table
The tricks were pulled in on the little Boneen

The game was played fairly and all things went squarely
Till Kennedy said the game wasn't getting played square

(speaks) No, I'm stray--

[tape starts and stops]

. was played fairly and all things went squarely
Till Kennedy slipped a card under the chair
His blood it was boiling for fight they were spoiling
When Doyle said the game wasn't getting played square

The rumpus in earnest began right away
When the chairs and the stovelids was raised to be seen
The light was pulled out and twas clout after clout
Till the eyes were beat out of the little Boneen

Then Gullivan fisted his pig by the tail
And over his head right and left he let fly
With bran on his face got his thumb out of place
Sure when Boneen's hind trotters took Doyle in the eye

The fight it did end and they all made for home
Such a battered up crowd sure the boys never seen
And French is in bed with a lump on his head
From the game so 'tis said of the little Boneen


Sources: Mercer 146 and 161 ("The Night We Played Cards with the Little Boneen"); Devine 1954:18.

History:   Johnny Burke song .

Text notes:A fight breaks out at a card game where the players are cheating.

Tune notes: In 6/8 metre, this major key melody has an "abab'" form.

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