MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Banks of Tralee
M. Curran NFLD 1 Tape 12A Track 2
Calvert Audio:

. a roving out one morning in May
To view those green fields and the meadow so gay
Twas there I a-spied-o a neat little queen
She was spreading her clothes on the bridge at Tralee

As I stepped up to her with tears in my eyes
Saying "you are the fairest that ever I spied
And 'tis six months or better since I planned in my mind
That we would get married if you were inclined."

"Oh get married," she says, "oh my age is too young
Besides all those young men they got flattering tongues
My dada and mama would be angry with me
If I'd marry a rover or a lover like thee."

Oh the laddie got up he was walking away
"Come back bonny laddie," those words she did say
"Oh the sky do look cloudy I think we'll have rain."
They shook hands and they parted on the bridge at Tralee




Text notes: A young maid turns down an offer of marriage stating she is too young and knows her parents would not approve of a roving husband.

Tune notes: In 6/8 metre except at the pauses at cadence points, the melody is in Dorian mode. The phrase form is "abbc" but the first and last lines cadence similarly.

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