MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Hard Times
Martin Reddigan NFLD 1 Tape 12 Track 5
Calvert Audio:

His orders arrived .
His orders arrived .

(speaks) Jumpin' old jinglers

Name is Henry Connel from sweet castle Darcy
It's a place I shall never lay eyes on again
Transported for life in the pride of my vigour
Which causes my parents to blush at my shame

If my parents had known the sad fate was before me
They would surely have wished that I had never been born
For disgrace I have brought down their grey hair's in sorrow
To see their only son from their bosom was slain

For seven long years I have served that cruel master
Though he tried many plans for to watch betray me
By leaving his plans by his vengeance to take

The key of his safe he placed under my pillow
And a well marked bank note in my purse he concealed
And that very same night as I sat far a-looking
The house was surrounded and I sent to jail

But what was the use of my presentation
When I had no one there for my innocence to plead
My sentence for life was so hard pressed against me
And the only crime I committed was love

My trial they agreed but yet I am happier
And to drag my chains after me through heat and through cold
And to lay here with that guilt on my conscience
Like that bold prosecutor whom I never cast o'er.


Sources: This should not be confused with the more famous Newfoundland song "Hard Hard Times."


Text notes: The singer was tricked by his employer and sentenced to jail.

Tune notes: This performance uses a drawn out, rhythmically flexible style.The tune form is abbc.

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