MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Dance in Peter Street
Pat Murphy NFLD 1 Tape 12 Track 2
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Ballad / lover duped

Now ye landsmen and ye seamen bold come listen to my song
I'll tell ye 'bout a trick was played on me before 'tis long
The other day I came from sea but a fair one I did meet
And she kindly asked me to a dance it is up in Peter Street

I said, "My handsome comely one I can dance well
This night I'm bound for Whigham town where my friends do dwell
O'er the last three years I've been to sea I've saved up fifty pounds
And my parents they are expecting me tonight in Whigham town."

"If you can dance not well," said she, "you can have a treat
You can have a glass of brandy hot or something for to eat
But at ten o'clock that very night I'll meet you at the train
If you'll consent you'll give a call when you'll come to town again."

I finding her so friendly I called up to the car
To take me to the ballroom the distance wasn't far
But the ladies on the other side these words I heard them say
"My poor old chap you'll lose your cap if you do go that way."

When we arrived to the ballroom the liquor was passed round
The [.] we drank around the room the dancing then began
Me and my love flew round the room danced to a merry tune
Then she said my dear we'll soon appear to a chamber all alone

(speaks) I think you'd better shut her off skipper. I don't think I'll ever get through it [Informant's voice is quite hoarse] (laughter)


Sources: Laws K42 ("Shirt and the Apron"); Roud 1902.


Text notes: A sailor is duped by a woman he just met.

Tune notes: A major, key melody in 4/4 metre, and abba' phrase repetition pattern.

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