MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Just a Song At Twiligiht (fragment)
Maudie Sullivan NFLD 1 Tape 11 Track 1
Calvert Audio:
Parlour song

When twilight shadows softly fall and sinks the sun to rest
Fond memory my thoughts recall of days I loved the best

'Tis then my honey sings to me the songs of "Auld Lang Syne"
An angel's voice I seem to hear in melody divine

Just a song at twilight when the lights are low
And the flickering shadows softly come and go .


Sources: Alternate title is "Love's Old Sweet Song."

History: Author is J. Clifton Bingham. Tune was composed in 1884 by Irish composer, James L. Molloy.

Tune: A major key melody in 4/4 metre with distinctive ascending leaps at some cadence points.

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